Camino Frances | Day 5

Puente la Reina to Ázqueta, 29 km

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I decided to mix it up a bit by waking up at 7 am to let everyone leave before me. I had a late breakfast and Left Puente la Reina by crossing the famous bridge, one of the highlights of the trip.


I kept having problems with the microphone, and it was starting to get on my nerves. I was willing to change the battery once again, but something tells me there is something wrong with the camera audio plug.


The town of Mañeru was utterly deserted. I only saw other pilgrims walking the streets. It is Saturday, and the local businesses were closed. I refilled my water bottle at a fountain built-in 2004. 


Ciaruqui is a medieval town built on a hill. One can see it from a distance surrounded by vineyards. I had no luck finding a battery, so I moved on. Estella is only 12.8 km away.


I wWalked under the Alloz canal and over the Rio Salado bridge where I took a break on the bank. I took off my shoes and dipped my feet into the salty stream. It was a perfect spot for a lunch break, and pilgrims were doing so. I applied sunscreen to my face and decided to fly the drone. I had the scariest of moments when I flew the drone into the canopy of a tree. I thought I had lost it, but miraculously it didn’t hit any branches and came out unscathed as I pushed back on the joystick. It was a close call and one I don’t wish to repeat.


I had paella and a glass of OJ for lunch at “la bodega del Camino bar and restaurant” in Lorca. I refilled my water bottle at the main square before realizing the water was not drinkable. I empty the bottle even though my filter could take care of it. There is plenty of other taps, and I don’t wish to run the risk of getting sick.


Found a small market on my way out of town and they had a battery. I’m having doubts as the packaging was dusty and it looks like it’s been sitting in the back of the store for some time. Come to think of it; the battery might not even be fully charged.


As I made my way through the agricultural fields, I saw a cross atop a hill in the distance. It took a full charge to fly the drone there and back, but the views were worth it.


I got a stamp at the church in Villatuerta and came face to face with the oddest of water fountain shaped like a clown.


After walking for 2.5 km, I made it to Estella but not before making my way over the Ega river and past an industrial area. By now my feet are on fire, and I still have an hour walk ahead of me.


I should have stayed in Estella, but I followed my guidebook’s advice to keep going to Ayegui. It was a big mistake as the Municipal Albergue de San Cipriano was closed. By now I have walked my first 100km of the trip and was faced with two options, keep going for two hours or turn back. It was almost 4 pm, but I still had plenty of light as the sun sets around 9 pm. I decided to keep on going of course.


I was pleasantly surprised by a free wine tap for pilgrims at Bodegas Irache. I helped myself to some red wine, and on I went.


By now my phone's battery was down to 17 percent, but thanks to the drone battery and the USB adapter that came with I was able to recharge it to 50 percent. I was now all alone on the Camino as I did not see a fellow pilgrim all the way up to Ázqueta.


As I walked the empty streets, I saw a group of kids playing. I asked them if they knew of a place to stay in town and they pointed me to La Perla Negra, a privately run Albergue with the hippest of vibes. There were seven other pilgrims beside me including a couple with a dog.


I had a great meal at the Albergue courtesy of the owner and her gypsy friend.


After dinner, we talked for about an hour before heading to bed. Tonight, I’m not sleeping on a bunk bed as I got a personal bed all to myself.


Daily Cost Breakdown

€04.00 Breakfast

€03.40 Battery

€06.00 Lunch

€02.00 Snack

€12.00 Dinner

€12.00 Albergue


€39.40 Total

Today's stage broken down with the help of Google Earth.

Google Earth Overview


Albergue de los Padres Reparadores

C. Crucifijo, 1

+34 948 340 050

Albergue Jakue

C. Irunbidea, s/n

+34 948 341 017

Albergue Puente

P.º de los Fueros, 57

+34 661 70 56 42

Albergue Amalur

C. Cerco Viejo, s/n

+34 696 241 175

Albergue Estrella Guía

C. Población, 2

+34 622 262 431

Hostal Zubi XXI

C. Irunbidea, 28

+34 948 340 921

Hostal Plaza

C. Mayor, 52

+34 948 340 145

Albergue El Cantero

C. Esperanza, 2

+34 948 342 142

Albergue Cirauqui Casa Maralotx

Pl. Grande, 4

+34 678 635 208

Casa Cirauqui

Zelaia, 5

Albergue de Lorca

C. Mayor, 40

+34 948 541 190

La Bodega del Camino

C. Placeta, 8

+34 948 541 162

+34 948 541 327

Casa Rural Txema

C. Mayor, 17

+34 676 554 744

Albergue Camino del Perdón

C. Mayor, 61 bis

+34 948 344 598

+34 690 841 980

Albergue Casa Baztán

C. Mayor, 46

+34 948 344 528

+34 602 545 791

Hostal Camino del Perdón

C. Iruzpeguia, 20

+34 948 344 598

+34 690 841 980

Hostal Arandigoyen

C. Nueva, 8

+34 948 541 438

+34 646 392 254

Albergue La Casa Mágica

C. Rebote, 5

+34 948 732 313

+34 674 709 574

Albergue de peregrinos

C. Rua, 50

+34 948 550 200

Albergue parroquial San Miguel

C. Mercado Viejo, 18

+34 635 86 60 09

+34 948 55 04 31

Albergue Capuchinos Rocamador

C. Rocamador, 6

+34 948 550 549

Albergue de la fundación ANFAS

C. Cordeleros, 7

+34 948 554 551

+34 639 011 688

Albergue La Hostería de Curtidores

C. Curtidores, 43

+34 948 550 070

+34 663 613 642

Albergue juvenil Oncineda

C. Callizo Pelaires, 3

+34 948 546 574



Albergue de San Cipriano

C. Polideportivo, 3

+34 948 554 311

Camping Iratxe

Av. Prado de Irache, 14

+34 948 555 555

La Perla Negra

C. Carrera, 18

+34 627 114 797