Camino Frances | Day 6

Ázqueta to Torres del Rio, 21.5 km

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I had a great night sleep in my very own bed. I woke up, gather my belongings, had a quick breakfast and left the albergue. With 16 euros in my pocket I’m running low on cash so finding an ATM is priority number one. El Camino is a cash economy and it’s a good idea to keep around 300 euros with you at all times. Good places to find an ATM are big cities like Pamplona and Logroño up ahead.


Today is a shorter walk as I walked extra yesterday. Villamayor is but a kilometer and a half away. A top a hill overlooking the town are the ruins of an old castle, San Esteban de Deyo aka el Castillo de Morjandin. Another must list of places to see on the list is la Fuente de los moros just before town. According to google maps there are no ATMs for miles all around.


A snack on a food truck in the middle of nowhere with the company of two old Spanish old timers I met last night at the albergues. They are only walking to Logroño and at their own pace.


It was 9km of exposed terrain cutting through more agriculture wheat fields with the occasional haystack to the town of los Arcos, where I got a hero’s welcome by the local farm life.

I spent my last dime on a sandwich for lunch at a bar. I took a five-minute break by the main church while I aired my feet at a bench. An old-timer approached me and struck a conversation. I’m starting to get the feeling they enjoy talking to pilgrims if only for the company.


Now I don’t know if it was divined intervention, the wisdom of the gods or merely google maps but I found an ATM. My troubles are all over now.


I left town around 11:30 am via the Portal de Castilla. I walked past the local cemetery and found a message from beyond on a plaque. “Yo que fui lo que tu eres. Tu seras lo que yo soy.” Or “I was what you are. You will be what I am.” as in dead.


The midday sun was kicking, and I was walking on my shorts after removing the legs from my pants. There was very little shade far in between, but I took advantage of every chance I got.


The last stretch into town is over a backcountry road with very little traffic. Torres del Rio is twenty minutes from Sansol I couldn’t wait to get there. I stayed at Casa Mariela on the second floor and pre-paid for my dinner tonight. I also paid 10 euros for the privilege of taking a dip into a cold pool.


A quick visit to la iglesia del santo sepulcro for a stamp and it was time for dinner. I had a pilgrim meal with the company of the two Spanish old-timers. On my way back to the albergue I came across an unexpected sight, an ATM.

Daily Cost Breakdown

€03.00 Breakfast

€02.50 Snack

€04.90 Lunch

€04.00 Snack

€10.00 Pool

€12.00 Dinner

€10.00 Albergue


€49.40 Total

Today's stage broken down with the help of Google Earth.

Google Earth Overview





La Perla Negra

C. Carrera, 18

+34 627 114 797

Villamayor de Monjardín

Albergue Hogar de Monjardín

+34 948 537 136

Plaza de la Iglesia

Albergue Villamayor

+34 677 660 586

C. Mayor, 1

Casa Rural Montedeio

C. Mayor, 17

+34 676 187 473

+34 948 551 521

+34 948 537 564


Albergue Casa Tiago

+34 626 240 862

C. San Martín, 11

Albergue de Isaac Santiago

+34 948 441 091

C. San Lázaro, 6

La Fuente - Casa de Austria

+34 948 640 797

+34 636 018 348

C. Travesía del Estanco, 5

Albergue Casa Alberdi

C. El Hortal,

+34 650 965 250

Albergue Casa de la Abuela

+34 630 610 721

+34 948 640 250

Pl. de la Fruta, 8

Pensión Mavi

+34 948 640 081

+34 608 934 222

C. del Medio, 7

Pensión Los Arcos

+34 608 585 153

+34 948 640 964

C. la Carrera, 8 A

Pensión Ostadar

+34 649 961 440

C. San Lázaro, 9

Hostal Suetxe

+34 948 441 175

+34 618 724 437

C. Carramendavia, s/n

Albergue privado Sansol

+34 948 648 473

+34 609 203 206

C. Barrio Nuevo, 4

Albergue Codés

+34 689 804 028

C. Los Bodegones, s/n

Casa Rural El Olivo

+34 948 648 345

+34 649 750 815

C. Taconera, 9

Albergue-Hotel La Pata de Oca

+34 608 250 121

C. Mayor, 5

Albergue Casa Mariela

+34 948 648 251

+34 948 648 433

Pl. Padre Valerino Ordónez, 6

Hostal San Andrés

+34 948 648 472

C. Jesús Ordoñez, 6