Camino Frances | Day 8

Rest day in Logroño

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The first week, the first leg of the journey is now complete. I’m in Logroño the capital of La Rioja. I decided to take a day off and let my feet rest. I had to still get out of the Albergue by 8:30 am at the latest as the Hospitaleros get it clean and ready for new pilgrims this afternoon.

I spoke to one of them, and they will allow me to stay an extra night. I just have to come back at 1:30 pm. While I decided what to do with all my free time, it started to rain. I headed over to the main square and had breakfast at an open café.

Sat on the square facing the church for the better part of an hour in full gear wondering if this was such a good idea.

What have I learned from my first week in El Camino?

1.    It is not a race. You will walk anywhere between 4 and 7 hours a day and sleep in the same Albergue as everyone else.
2.    Don’t overdo it.
3.    Take great care of your feet.
4.    Take breaks.
5.    Don’t walk more than you have to.
6.    Hydrate.
7.    Think long term.
8.    Make new friends and share stories with them.
9.    Don’t carry more than you have to. This is not a luxury trip.
10.    You can always resupply in the next town.
11.    Think survival mode.
12.    Keep a diary or a blog.
13.    Don’t forget your rain gear.
14.    Above all, have fun.

I saw a few storks and their nests atop the bell tower of la Iglesia de Santa Maria de Palacio. A sight that caught my eyes as I have never seen a stork outside of a fairy tale or nature show.

A had found a plastic toy spider at a playground in Torres del Rio and decided to put it to good use. It’s job, security, to take care of my belongings. I leave on the top of my backpack in case someone decides to dig in for a look. Their screams will be the alarm sound lol.

Weight is of the essence, so I decided to cut four items from my backpack. Some have very little use, and others are more of a statement.

1.    One-piece plastic fork-knife-spoon.
2.    Metal Whistle.
3.    Three-way 110v plug adapter.
4.    Headlamp or torch.

I threw away all these Items at a street trash can, and I have gotten hell for it for not leaving them behind a dropbox in the Albergue for other pilgrims. To be honest, it slipped my mind; they were not on my radar until further on the trip. I was talking about the bins, not the pilgrims.

I was the first pilgrim at the Albergue when the doors opened at 1:00 pm. I got a bottom bunk bed and crashed for four hours straight. By the time I woke up, there was only time to get a few pinchos for dinner and then call it a night.

Daily Cost Breakdown

€02.80 Breakfast

€03.00 Snack

€12.50 Lunch

€02.80 Dinner

€07.00 Albergue


€44.15 Total

Albergue de Logroño

+34 941 248 686

C. Rua Vieja, 32

Albergue Santiago El Real

+34 941 209 501

C. Barriocepo, 8

Albergue Albas

+34 941 700 832

Pl. Martínez Flamarique, 4 bajo

Albergue Check In Rioja

+34 941 272 329

C. Los Baños, 2

Albergue Logroño

C. Capitán Gallarza, 10 entpta. y 2º izq.

+34 608 234 723

+34 941 254 226

Albergue Santiago Apóstol

+34 941 256 976

+34 670 993 560

C. Rua Vieja, 42

Hostel Entresueños

+34 941 271 334

+34 941 271 335

C. Portales, 12 bajo izq.

Winederful Hostel & Café

+34 941 139 618

C. Herrerías, 2-14 bajo