Camino Frances | Day 12

Belorado to el Alquimista de Agés, 27.6 km

On day twelve, after struggling to find breakfast in a chilly morning, I get to climb Montes de Oca. I paid my respects at a mass grave from the Franco era and better yet I dance some good old SALSA!!! Not once but twice.


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I stuffed my sleeping bag inside my backpack, and it was time to look the part. No open bars to grab a bite but plenty of frozen plants.


I found a bar in Tosantos and had the most expensive breakfast. The weather forecast looked good; at least for today. I got lost by a particular church but thanks to my drone I found el Camino in no time.


Walking with a stick makes a world of a difference.


Refilled my water bottle by the most charming albergue. Just when I felt like taking a break by some ruins, something told me to keep on walking to Montes de Oca.


Sunscreen seems to bring out the worst in me. a dead forest with creepy crawlers all around was tough on the knees.

I finally made it to a memorial erected in the spot where a mass grave from the Franco era once stood. It was downhill from there to a pleasant hippy oasis in a clearing; just what I needed to lighten up.


I met up with the gang, helped Lili with her blisters, got a stamp, and we even danced because we wanted to. An epic dronie shot, and we were on our way.


We got a royal welcome at el Alquimista de Agés. There was even a stork on the church. A €2.00 massage at the Albergue, laundry at the patio and dinner, was a blast.


Shots bring out the best in pilgrims. Me, it makes me want to dance with new friends of mine.

Daily Cost Breakdown

€07.20 Breakfast

€03.70 Lunch

€10.00 Dinner

€03.00 Laundry

€02.00 Misc

€10.00 Albergue


€35.90 Total

Today's stage broken down with the help of Google Earth.

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