Camino Frances | Day 13

Alquimista de Agés to Burgos, 22.8 km

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So much for thirteen being a lucky number. It’s going to be the worst rainy day of the entire trip. Most pilgrims took buses or taxis to skip this stage.


Ultreia, alight.


Breakfast of champions at a fully stocked bar.


The wind picked up, and the rain caught up with me by the famous Atapuerca archeological site. Got my first tiny blister, not a big deal but I have to keep an eye on it.


The side rain was relentless as I made my way next to a military base to La Cruz de Matagrande.


I found refuge in a bar at Cardeñuela filled to the brim with other wet pilgrims. We were all escaping from the elements, beaten by the high winds, the cold, and the rain. I had an orange juice and a stamp.


I decided to trail the airport on the road as the path was most likely a river of mud. The two hours walk into Burgos by the industrial area was not as pleasant as the alternative, but a sacrifice needed to be performed.

Luckily, the municipal albergue was one of the biggest and most modern ones of the Camino. I went for a steaming hot shower to warm up as I was showing signs of hypothermia. I could not feel my fingers, and my chest was red. Everything was wet and needed drying; especially my boots.


But enough of that, I regrouped with the gang at a café, and we enjoyed ourselves.

Daily Cost Breakdown

€2.70 Breakfast

€9.50 Snacks

€2.28 Lunch

€2.00 Dinner

€5.00 Laundry

€5.00 Albergue


€26.48 Total

Today's stage broken down with the help of Google Earth.

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