Camino Frances | Day 14

Rest day in Burgos

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It feels great to wake up knowing you don’t have to walk today. Got my boots and packed my backpack all alone in an empty dorm.

I saw pilgrims walking down the empty streets as the city came to life from the comfort of a café while enjoying breakfast.


I hit the streets to explore the historic town, and it did not disappoint. Came across friendly locals by the main square, but of course, the highlight of the day was a visit to the impressive Cathedral. A monument in splendor and size to the virgin Marry. A must-see destination for pilgrims and tourist alike.

After willingly getting lost in magnificent tombs and works of art I went straight to the chaos of a May 1st march. I went to a bar for some pinchos and a drink.


Much to my surprise, the Municipal Albergue did not allow me to stay two nights in a row. I struggled to find a place to stay bouncing all over the city until I found a private albergue by the bus station.

Daily Cost Breakdown

€08.90 Snacks

€05.70 Lunch

€13.10 Dinner

€16.50 Albergue

€05.00 Misc


€48.70 Total

Burgo's Cathedral