Camino Frances | Day 15

Burgos to Hontanas, 31 km

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Plastic wrapped breakfast at 7 am in the cafeteria, and I quickly left the privately own albergue for the empty streets of Burgos. A cloudy day with mild temperatures and a zero percent chance of rain.


A few yellow arrows led me to an overpass filled with inspirational graffiti and got a boost of confidence from a few quality quotes.


The weather forecast was wrong, and I had to put on the rain gear. I had a Croissant and an expresso for a midmorning snack at a bar in Tarjados while I wait out the rain. I bumped into the friendliest dog on my way out of town.


The rain finally stopped, the skies cleared and the vast plains of la Meseta laid ahead of me Including its now-famous solitary tree surrounded by a sea of grass. Two weeks on the Camino and I was in desperate need of a close shave.


Made it to Hornillos with an empty water bottle. I took my boots off and gave my feet a break by la Fuente del Gallo. Resupplied at a bar and covered my face with sunscreen before heading back to the open plains for the remaining of the day.

The internet was down in Hontanas, but at least they have a few albergues to choose from. I headed for the municipal across the street from a neoclassical church with an impressive bell tower.


Got a stamp, a top bunk bed, a shower and it was time to hand wash my clothes. A ham sandwich and a glass of red wine for lunch in the shade on a still warm afternoon.


I watched the sunset with an imposing view of the town and found myself witnessing a great showman over dinner back at the albergue.

Daily Cost Breakdown

€02.30 Breakfast

€02.80 Snacks

€03.10 Lunch

€01.20 Snacks

€07.40 Dinner

€06.00 Albergue


€22.80 Total

Today's stage broken down with the help of Google Earth.

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