Camino Frances | Day 16

Hontanas to Boadilla, 28.4 km

Yet another day on la Meseta. the great plains with the monotones of the landscape and exposure to the harsh sun are the perfect combination to to go deep down and reflect. El alto de Mostelares, el convento de San antón, the Itero bridge and the town of Castrojeriz are the highlights of the day.


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Today I’m going, where am I going today? Not a good sign so early in the morning, but I stayed true to the yellow arrows and my fellow travelers on my way out of Hontanas.


The sun bathing the wet grassy wheat fields on the sleepy countryside was quite the sight. Strong painkillers did the trick, and the mighty achilles tendons were comfortably numb.


Large Gothic archways of the 14th-century ruins of El Convento de San Anton were not far down the busy road. I saw my very first T shape cross or Tao from the Greek alphabet at a water fountain in Castro Jeriz. Reapplied sunscreen and improvise a clothesline under the shade of a Roman fort before tackling the highest point of la Meseta.


El Alto de Mostelares at 900 meters of elevation commands an impressive view of the plains below. What goes up must surely come down but not before paying my respects at the foot of a cross. I grabbed a snack at a donativo pilgrim stand before facing the mentally demanding five kilometers stretch through ever-expanding fields in every direction.


A river crossing over the historic Itero bridge welcomed me into the province of Palencia. Not out of the woods just yet but a Spanish omelet pincho at a bar took care of the insatiable hike’s hunger.


I struggled down a long stretch on a lonely road before reaching Boadilla at 2:30 pm then quenched my thirst like a true pilgrim. Clothes were hand washed and air dried on a tree in the courtyard of a very peculiar Albergue. A delicious pilgrim meal with new friends and it was the perfect ending to a bright sunny day in la Meseta, right on.

Daily Cost Breakdown

€02.00 Breakfast

€05.00 Snacks

€04.00 Lunch

€02.50 Snacks

€10.00 Dinner

€08.00 Albergue


€31.50 Total

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