Camino Frances | Day 18

Carrión to Terradillos de los Templarios, 26.3 km

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Doors opened at 6:30 am, and a heard of pilgrims spilled out on to the empty streets, over the Rio Carrion bridge and past the 12th-century monastery of San Zoilo.


I devoured a good breakfast before leaving Carrión. Today, I’m going to need it more than ever as we are facing a seventeen kilometer stretch of open landscapes with little if any pilgrim support.


I suggest you find your rhythm and stick to it because this section embodies a treadmill. It is very similar to the Roman road on the via Francigena.


An improvised pilgrim snack bar was the perfect spot for a break and to enjoy a mid-morning snack.


After walking for ten kilometers under clear blue skies, dark stormy clouds and strong side winds swept through the plains. With no place to take shelter, the rain gear came out, and I was face to face with the elements.


It wasn’t long before I reached Calzadilla de la Cueza, the unofficial halfway point of the Camino Frances. But I pushed on down the gravel path paralleling the N120 road to the town of Ledigos.


Lunch consisted of a ham and cheese pincho and a bear to wash it down at the first open bar in town.


The rain caught up with me at the doorsteps of the knights' templar’s albergue in Terradillos de Templarios. I settled back on the routing as the storm raged on outside.


A half an hour full body massage hit the spot. The masseuse could not stop talking about her via Francigena pilgrimage, who would have thought I would follow on her footsteps a year later.


Speaking of feet, Maria’s blisters are going from bad to worse, but a glass of red wine helped her forget her troubles.


It is Cinco de Mayo, and we celebrated in style.

Daily Cost Breakdown

€04.40 Breakfast

€04.00 Snack

€04.50 Lunch

€01.20 Snacks

€20.00 Massage

€10.00 Dinner

€08.00 Albergue


€52.10 Total

Today's stage broken down with the help of Google Earth.

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