Camino Frances | Day 28

Triacastela to Sarria, 25.45 km

One minute update


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If I needed a not so subtle clue that I was starving a cat with a mouse in it's mouth was it. I headed to the nearest bar for a café con leche, an orange juice, and toast.


I opted for the scenic route on my way out of town. That means left; I went left. We walked on the shoulder of the road for a few kilometers before reaching the ruins of the first of many ghost towns. It was a bummer that both the bar and the vending machine were out of service until the high season, but I found a nicely carved walking stick on the side of the road.


The architecture is slowly changing the deeper I go into Galicia.  Ancient Celtic culture influence is in full display. large puddles and muddy trails made every crossing a challenge.


The size and splendor of the 6th-century monastery in Samos made us pause, at a bar across the street. It was a round of beer to celebrate crossing the mountain range.


We unknowingly took an alternative route that took us through some of the most beautiful and pristine forests of the Camino. I had a ham and cheese sandwich and more beer for lunch at a bar in Aguida. It was a 4k walk to the official starting point of many pilgrims; Sarria is 100ckm from Santiago, the minimum required to obtain a Compostela.


I washed my clothes and hanged them out to dry in the backyard before heading up calle mayor to a meson for dinner. I went for the Gallego stew, fish, a glass or two of red wine, torta de Santiago and café con leche.


I then sneaked into an abandoned 12th-century watchtower with Francisco and Ilene and it was time to head back before the ruins crumbled below our feet.

Daily Cost Breakdown

€04.00 Breakfast

€05.50 Snack

€03.00 Lunch

€04.00 Snacks

€08.50 Dinner

€08.00 Albergue


€33.00 Total

Today's stage broken down with the help of Google Earth.

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