Camino Frances | Day 31

Melide to A Salceda, 24.93 km

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I overslept for the first time on the trip. Those forty kilometers we did yesterday came back to haunt us today. A quick breakfast and we left Melide at 8 am.


The Camino is becoming popular maybe too popular. We decided to skip the alternative route at the fork on the road and followed the beaten path. A refreshing aroma lured us into a eucalyptus forest. Thankfully, the thick canopy kept us away from the sun.


A pilgrim stand called out our names, but we were hungry instead for… stamps! And we got our share at the church in Boente. You need a minimum of two stamps a day after crossing the 100 kilometers to Santiago mark, and here we are but a mere 44 km away.


We picked up a rock at a donativo stand with the intention of leaving it at the top of Monte de Gozo.


An orange juice at a bar in Ribadiso before reaching the buzzing town of Arzua. The meeting point between the Camino del Norte and the Camino Frances. Expect more pilgrims. But for now, it is time to leave the chaotic sprawling town for the peaceful countryside.


Afternoon showers caught us by surprise, and we decided to stop for lunch. I went for a massive empanada and a beer with lemon juice, also known as a Sandi.


We hit the trails once it stopped raining and made it to the privately own albergue outside A Salseda. We shared a small room with fellow pilgrims, and I was lucky to get a corner bottom bunk bed.


A three-course pilgrim meal was more than I bargained for. I went to sleep earlier than usual like a child the night before going to Disneyworld. Tomorrow we reach Santiago, and the anticipation is just killing me.

Daily Cost Breakdown

€02.20 Breakfast

€03.50 Snack

€06.50 Lunch

€12.00 Dinner

€03.00 Laundry

€12.00 Albergue


€39.20 Total

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