Camino Frances | Day 32

A Salceda to Santiago de Compostela, 28.24 km

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The day I had been waiting for is finally here. I enjoyed my last breakfast on the Camino Frances and it was a buffet with a little of everything. Left the albergue at 7:15 am anxious to get to Santiago.


Since we stayed in-between stage, there were very few pilgrims on the trail. We followed the yellow arrows so abundant in the area, next to the road at first and then through a eucalyptus forest to O Pedrouso the last major pilgrim hub of the trip.


A quick stop at a bar for a coffee break and the first stamp of the day and we headed back on the road. I saw more pilgrims on this stretch than on days pasts. The walk around the perimeter of the airport reminded me of the day I reached Burgos minus the rain.


One last stamp and lunch stood between us and the highest point of the day. The climb to Monte de Gozo was not as bad as people had made it out to be.


I left the rocked I had picked up yesterday on a massive trophy shaped monument erected to commemorate Pope John II’s visit to Santiago in 1992.


The plan was to stay at the massive albergue complex, but we were only 5 km away from the cathedral, and we couldn’t contain ourselves.


Today's stage broken down with the help of Google Earth.

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