Camino Portugues Coastal | Day 3

Póvoa de Varzi to Marinhas 25.11 km

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Woke up at seven and locked myself inside the Albergue, a rookie mistake that would cost me half an hour out of my day.


The low-level fog and the cold temperature made the walkout of Póvoa pleasant. Joggers and early risers trickled out onto the streets. I was glad to be back on the wooden walkways feeling static for what the day would bring.


At only 212 km away from Santiago I was expecting the Camino to be a little bit more crowded, but maybe its too early in the season.


I saw the first of many windmills in Aguçadoura. it was time to share the path with cyclists going in both directions.

The abundance of seaweed is typical of northern Portugal, and as a result, it's used as fertilizer on the nearby agricultural fields. Walking by greenhouses and watching the farmers work their plot of land was a nice break to the routine.


a second windmill meant I was past the gulf course and it was time to rejoin the beach for the last push to the popular summer destination of Apúlia. The mills were used for centuries to grind grain. Presently, they serve a better purpose, tourism.


Lunch with a view and I followed the N-13 road to the Luis Felipe steel bridge from 1892 in Fao. The coastal route takes you through the center of Esposende, but I opted instead to stick to the river's bank following Jet skis splashed around the waterway.


a snack gave me the boost I needed to make it to the albergue in Marinhas 2.5 km away. I met two other pilgrims, and we enjoyed steaks for dinner before calling it a day.

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Daily Cost Breakdown

€03.60 Breakfast

€17.40 Lunch

€02.00 Snack

€19.90 Dinner

€05.00 Albergue


€47.90 Total

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Póvoa de Varzim

Albergue São José de Ribamar

+351 252 622 314

+351 966 501 036

Av. Mouzinho de Albuquerque, 32

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Hostel Sardines & Friends

+351 962 083 329

Rua da Ponte, 4

Junqueira 76 Guesthouse

+351 918 607 411

Rua da Junqueira, 76

Residência Rêve d'Or

+351 918 607 411

+351 252 613 870

Praça Marquês de Pombal, 18

Hotel Avenida

+351 252 683 222

+351 252 683 206

Av. Mouzinho de Albuquerque, 54

Hotel Luso Brasileiro

+351 252 690 710

Rua dos Cafés, 16

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