Inca Trail | Machu Picchu | Travel Day

On this day I traveled from Miami to Cusco, Perú.

The year was 2010, and I was on my own on my first adventure. The overnight flight from Miami to Lima was uneventful but full of optimism. I Had a coffee at 5:00 am while I waited for my next flight and then journey continued deep into the majestic Andes.


After an hour and a half flight, the clouds cleared, and the plane landed smoothly in Cusco at 8:00 am. I felt the altitude. All 8,000 feet at once. Thank god for the driver.


Dizzy and in a haze, I drove in the passenger seat of a taxi down the busy streets of the once Inka capital to the modest Marques Hotel owned by the tour company and included in the package. I tried my first coca leaf tea in the open-air patio. I gotta say, miraculously, it does help with the symptoms.


A sizeable religious procession drew me out into the central plaza with rockets exploding overhead. I followed the crowds to the central market and what a gem it was. Full of oddities, narrow pathways, fresh products, and delicious food. I loved the chaos of the place, street vendors maneuvering the streets and political ads playing from moving vehicles.


The evening caught me at the central plaza with the cutest of company. It only cost me a dollar. Who remembers Facebook 2010 edition?


I devoured my last meal at a nice restaurant with an excellent dessert to last me for the next few days.