Inca Trail | Machu Picchu | Acclimatization Day

A day to get use to the altitude and explore town.

I woke up hungrier than usual and had breakfast in the patio on a lazy morning. It is a requirement to acclimatize to this altitude before one is allowed to proceed on the trek. Something the Coca tea is helping to alleviate.


Headed over to the central market where I spent the majority of the morning exploring every pathway, around every corner, every stand and under ever flower pot. I eventually enjoyed lunch at the food court dizzy from the experience or could it be the altitude?


Bumped into an artisanal fair at the square and I decided to get my shoes shined, that’s right. By this guy who told me all about the local spots by the central plaza. Rain started to fall, and I got myself a bright yellow poncho for those rainy days ahead.


Took a taxi to the hills to a spot with the best views of the jaguar shaped city. I decided to walk back down and boy oh boy, it got rough rally fast. But at least I got to see the real Cusco for once.


Eventually, I made my way back to tourist-friendly streets, past a demonstration and to my hotel.