Serengeti Safari | Ngorogoro Crater

The best day when it came to the biodiversity.

I was utterly blown away by the biodiversity within the caldera of the extinct volcano.


We had a close encounter with a group of Hyenas, and the fun was just about to start. A lion pride rested on a grassy field completely uninterested in our presence there.


Not far off were playful zebras, elephants, wild boar, wildebeests fighting over who knows what and a couple of lovebirds in a hurry to get to the water hole. Neither the hippos nor I minded as we had lunch by the water’s edge. Wait, are there African crocks here? Let’s hope not.


A bird’s eye of at the rim of the volcano before heading out.


We came to a standoff with a brave young elephant as we enter Tarangire National Park under an afternoon shower.

Tarangire National Park