Serengeti National Park

Took a plane to the Serengeti and drove around in the mack of a safari off road truck.

Buffet breakfast with Andres and Alex at our hotel in Arusha. I swear we started to see wildlife in the strangest places.


The tour company sent an off-road truck to take us to the airport. We took as many pictures as we could from the safety of our windows.


Once on the propeller transport plane, we sat back buckled our seatbelt and off we went high above the savannas. We landed on a strip of dirt inside the world-famous savanna. After getting our bearings, we gathered our belongings and were met by our safari driver. It was a lifelong dream to visit the plains of the Serengeti as I grew up watching nature documentaries on the Discovery channel.


We rode in the safari truck, wobbling with every jolt and soon had our first encounter. It was an elephant herd crossing the road. The camera shutters clicked away faster than at the Super Bowl.


Lunch consisted of a sandwich, a banana and some snacks in a prepackage lunchbox at a rest stop with the company of the less threatening wildlife.


Back on the savanna and I was taken by surprise with my first cheetah sighting, can you see her? In the tree? It was a playful elephant in the mud and exotic birds under the watchful eye of a leopard on a tree not far off. Other trucks descended on the area, and we felt like kids in a candy shop.


The herd left us just as quickly as they as came and so we headed to a hotel inside the reserve just as the evening closed on us.