Serengeti Safari | Endless Fields

Woke up in the park and enjoyed another day amongst the wild life.

After a good breakfast, we packed our bags and left the hotel on the safari truck.


We saw the first giraffes and antelopes grazing on the grounds on the side of the dirt road. It wasn’t long before we found ourselves surrounded by endless fields of grass with no point of reference in any direction.


A lioness protecting her two cubs from an aggressive lion caught our attention. She walked by the truck panting, and I noticed she was bleeding from her injuries.


The sea of grass gave way to more savanna teeming with life. Wise old elephants, hippos, predators, and prey. Our itchy distant relatives, wildebeests as far as the eyes could see and the humans, of course.


We were greeted with a traditional dance by the members of the Maasai tribe living in the heart of the park. After the display of affection, we were shown around the village. Including a classroom where the tribe’s kids learn their ABCs.


Don’t let their appearance fool you, the head of the tribe is a young man who studied in the UK and speaks good English.