The Lost City | Day 4

On day four, the last day, we make our way to where we started off. it was a six hour walk covering 16 km. we took a break in the same camp where we spent the first night and had a well deserved lunch in the town of Mamey before heading back to Santa Marta.

On this day I walked from Camp 1 to Mamey.

Like every good thing, this trip must come to an end. Today is the longest day by far. 16 km to Mamey with a lunch stop at the campsite where I slept the first night.

Last night the guides killed another snake. this time it was closer to the camp. it rained yesterday and there were frogs everywhere and where there are frogs there are snakes.

we gather our belongings, had breakfast and got ready. There was an option to rent a mule and ride back in style, believe it crossed my mind, but I've walked this far and the feeling around the campfire is that you would be cheating. anyway, only two hikers went for it, the rest did it on foot.

Right off the bat, there was an uphill climb that took the better part of an hour, very hard and very brutal. There was a few melon slices and a Gatorade waiting for me at the first break stop.

Had lunch in camp 1 and took a short break before moving on. It took six hours in total to make it to Mamey. It was hard, humid but very beautiful. I'm glad I did it and I hope you do it too.

Lunch was waiting for me in Mamey and a two-hour ride on the back of a four-wheel SUV back to Santa Marta. I had a flight to Miami waiting for me the morning that I could not miss.