The Lost City | Travel Day

La ciudad perdida de los Taironas or the Lost city, as it is commonly known, is the archaeological site of an ancient civilization in northern Colombia's Sierra Nevada mountain range. The city is believed to have been founded around 800 CE, predating Macchu Picchu by about some 650 years. It was discovered in 1972 by a group of treasure looters.


I decided to visit the ancient ruins in preparation for my upcoming pilgrimage "the Via Francigena". A few years ago, it would've been impossible to visit the ruins as the area was under the control of the FARC guerria.


below is the travel video blog.

On this day I traveled from Miami to Santa Marta.

The morning started like every other with great Cuban coffee. The only difference was I was heading south to Colombia.

Made it to the airport with plenty of time to kill. The flight was on time which was one less thing I had to worry about. I spend a large part of it messing around with the Crane 2 camera stabilizer. It was a struck of luck that the terminal was empty giving me the space to maneuver. Shot a couple of moving time lapses and b roll of myself wandering around.

It is part of my routine, and I hope you make part of yours as well to call the bank and let them know where I'm traveling. The last thing I need is for my debit card or credit card to get blocked when I'm abroad. This is around the time in the story when things take an unexpected turn for the worst. I got a text from the tour company letting me know that the trip has been canceled! What??!?!?! They did not have enough people to justify an expedition. The minimum is two, and as of right now it is only I.

I left Miami on a flight to Bogota, Colombia with no certainty I would visit the lost city. Worst case scenario I see myself spending a long weekend sunbathing in the Beaches of Santa Marta. Not a bad outcome but I had my sights on the lost city.

The flight left on schedule, five hours later I landed in Bogota on a rainy day. Called the tour company but they are not picking up. The flight lands at 4:30 pm and they close at 5:00 pm talk about cutting it close.

Changed planes and was back in the air. The flight to Santa Marta was a breeze. Took a taxi and was at the Tour company just in the nick of time. It turns out a second hiker joined in at the last minute, so everything is great. iIt's go for Launch!

I checked into my hotel where I got the royal treatment. The hotel upgraded me to a suite with a balcony and a great view. I loved Santa Marta already. I left the batteries charging and ran to the beach to get a few drone shots before the sunset. I walked by the Beach walk past tourist and locals out and about. Vendors were feverishly roaming, maneuvering, selling souvenirs and street food.

Had a quick bite to eat and a drink and headed back to the hotel. Tomorrow is an early rise as I get picked up at the lobby by my indigenous guide, and off we go on our adventure.