Licques to Wisques, 24 km

Today was a cloudy morning with afternoon showers.

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After a chilly night, I woke up with nothing but a slice of leftover pizza for breakfast. My feet are doing much better. Last night on my way to the shower, they felt like I had walked through broken glass.


I quickly broke down camp before everyone else woke up. There was no one at the front desk nor the cafe. I headed out into the open road and faced yet another day navigating busy back country roads.


Bus stops in rural France are the unofficial pilgrim shelters. Perfect for cleaning my socks and massaging my feet while eating the last slice of pizza.


What started as early morning mist turned into mid-day showers. Out of food, low on water and no stores in sight, a miracle happened. Marie and her daughter came to the rescue. They invited me into their home and cooked me a meal.


Via Francigena signs started popping up for the first time, and I was as excited as a kid at a candy shop. After an afternoon in the rain, Margaret’s kind donation helped secure a room at the abbey of Notre Dame in the town of Wisque.

The nuns took a liking to the Cuban pilgrim and his google translate. Seriously, they didn't speak a lick of English, and I don't speak French. Pilgrims don't stay at the abbey but a two-story house in the backyard. I was quickly shown to my room, and I took a shower on the bathroom on the second floor.


After a nourishing meal with the nuns and a German woman on a retreat, she spoke both English and Spanish; I headed to my room in a small building in the garden next to the abbey.

Daily Cost Breakdown

Leftover pizza for Breakfast

Free Lunch (farmer family)

Dinner was included

€25.00 Abbaye Notre Dame


€25.00 Total

Today's stage broken down with the help of Google Earth.

Day 03 Licques to Wisques.jpg

Google Earth Overview







L’Abbaye Notre Dame

33 3 21 95 12 26

24 Rue de la Fontaine


Hôtel La Sapinière


12 route de Serques