Wisques to Auchy-au-Bois, 28.4 km

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Woke up at the abbey and had breakfast at 8:00 am with the nuns and a mother and her daughter walk a stretch of the via Francigena. Café con leche and toast.



Soon I was back to familiar sights on the countryside. Hydrated by a haystack. French dogs don’t seem to like me very much. Found a misfired bullet in a field, and a few more war memorials.



A chocolate croissant at the local bakery and a beer later at Café Jeux and I was feeling in good spirit.

Today I took out cash and waited half an hour for the mini-market owner to come back from lunch. Belly full, stocked up with supplies I set up the trolley to dry my clothes and headed back on the country roads.



Not an open church insight or a working water fountain but plenty of farm life. I came across a night’s templar theme hotel ideal to cut the day short but it was fully booked. Made a wrong turn and came across a windmill farm, definitely the highlight of the day.



A hot tub at the hotel was a close second thanks of course to my mom’s donation. A boutique hotel full of surprises.


Finally got rid of the UK power adapter.

Beauty shots compilation


Daily Cost Breakdown


Breakfast Included

€0.90 Snack

€02.20 Beer

€14.25 Market

€50.00 Hotel

€25.00 Dinner


€92.35 Total

Today's stage broken down with the help of Google Earth.

Day 04 Wisques to Auchy-au-Bois.jpg

Google Earth Overview







Camping étang Henri Holland






Chambres d'hôtes ferme de laby


route de Niellesles-Bléquin


Le Moulin De Mombreux


70 Chemin de Mombreux





Hôtel Bal


500rue Du vieux Château


Gîte Eden



30 Grand Rue


Chambres d'hôtes: la maison près du moulin


3 rue du moulin


Chambres d'hôtes


30 rue de Valenciennes





Les Cohettes

+33 3 21 02 09 47

+33 6 07 06 65 42

rue de Pernes


La Ferme de la Vallee

+33 3 21 25 80 09

13 Rue Neuve