Arras to Bapaume, 26.3 km

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Overslept two hours on a 26.3 km day.

Had a proper Camino breakfast by the main square. Cafe con leche and a chocolate napolitano. I left town at 8:00 am and came across a World War One cemetery.  I decided to write my name in the ledger.

A couple of haystacks later and I stumbled into the most wonderful of surprises. A tiny chapel full of pilgrims delights. A stone marker showing me how much more ground I have before me. And did I mention I now have a via francigena shell?

The main road to Baupame was being paved sparing me from the traffic but not the mid-day heat. Made it to town, it was hot, 32 degrees hot. Both hotels were full. No worries. Washed my clothes at the local laundromat and bought more supplies before stealth camping in the park.

Beauty shots compilation


Daily Cost Breakdown


06.50 Breakfast

04.00 1.5l water

€05.00 Church donation

06.00 Laundry

€06.40 Snack

39.86 Supermarket

10.80 Dinner

Wild Camping


€78.56 Total




Today's stage broken down with the help of Google Earth.

DAY 07 Arras to Bapaume.jpg

Google Earth Overview




Hôtel restaurant Le gourmet

10 rue de la gare


Hôtel La Paix

11 avenue Abel guidet