Bapaume to Péronne, 25.3 km

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I packed my tent and left the town at 5:30 am like a bat out of hell.

Came across more grave sites are a painful reminder of the ultimate sacrifice made by so many young men. Found the church of tic tac toc. I crossed a few bridges and overpasses and I was now in a new province.

More haystacks and flowers and cemeteries. A quick snack, a foot massage and I was back on the grind crossing over water channels.

Reached Péronne at 2:00 pm booked a room at an Airb&b. Lunch was spaghetti and a beer while I waited for my hosts to arrive.


I got my pilgrim credential stamped and enjoyed all of the amenities of modern day life. It had a shower, a bed, a kitchen, and a fan, yes!

A quick stroll around the town’s square and I was ready to call it a night but not before having some leftover bread and canned tuna for dinner.

Did I mention that I shaved?

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Daily Cost Breakdown


03.60 Breakfast

19.00 Lunch

€69.60 Hotel


€92.20 Total

Today's stage broken down with the help of Google Earth.

DAY 08 Bapaume to Peronne.jpg

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Logis Hôtel le Prieuré

+33 3 22 85 04 43

RN 17. 80360 Rancourt

Camping Le Brochet

+33 3 22 84 02 35

88 ue Georges Clemenceau, 80200 Péronne, France

Hôtel La Picardière


7 Rue du Faubourg de Bretagne