Péronne to Étreillers, 24 km

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After a much needed rest, I packed my stuff and was out the door in the early hours of the morning. I walked out of Péronne down empty streets in search for a place to have breakfast with no luck.

The path led me into the woods where I met the gatekeeper and one of the largest and well-preserved ancient megalith of northern France still radiating heat from the day before. What a joy it was to meet an old Camino friend.

Breakfast came as a warm chocolate croissant and a Napolitano from a vending machine at the village of Cartigny. Before I knew it, I was back in open agricultural fields exposed to the sun

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Church bells welcomed me to town at noon. First was a beer at the local bar, followed by a sandwich at the park.


Found the first friendly French dog that didn’t want to rip my head off.

Thanks to my cousin’s donation I booked my room. With keys in hand, I made myself at home. I washed my clothes, resupplied at the local market and had a homemade dinner to die for.



Daily Cost Breakdown


02.50 Breakfast

03.90 Snack

15.52 Supermarket

€43.64 Hotel


€65.56 Total



Today's stage broken down with the help of Google Earth.

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Jussureaux Nicolas
+33 3 60 34 66 98

73 Rue Robert Héricourt


+33 3 22 83 00 16

Moulin de Binard, D194e

Le val d'Omigon Danièle et Hubert



3 Rue Principale


Camping des Hortensias

+33 3 22 85 64 68

22 Rue Basse

Cocci Market - Convenience Store

+33 3 23 68 74 13

36 Avenue du Général de Gaulle 02590 Étreillers