Étreillers to Saint-Nicolas-aux-Bois, 40.6 km

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Breakfast of champions. I left the charming village at 7:15 am on a day of walking in roads with very little to no shoulder, but I made the best of it.

The trolley is getting heavier by the day. I got myself a cold one at a burger joint. Rehydrated and Refilled my camel bag by the San Quintin canal. It was 95 degrees.

Two boiled eggs later and I followed a leisure boat past automated locks. It should have ended there, but there was not a single hotel in Tergnier available. Exhausted and disappointed I made myself lunch and then trekked on. I almost lost my phone.

Two hours later and just out of the woods of Saint Nicolas I saw a vision... a Mexican cantina right out of a western. A French mojito and a massive burger later the owner allowed me to camp behind the restaurant.

Did I mention that it rained? A Thunderstorm on a full lunar eclipse. I slept instead on the floor under cover of an awning.

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Daily Cost Breakdown


10.00 Snacks

€24.80 Dinner

Wild Camping


€34.80 Total

Today's stage broken down with the help of Google Earth.

DAY 10 Entreillers to Saint Nicolas aux

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Camping du Vivier to Carp

+33 3 23 60 50 10

10 Rue Charles Voyeux


Le Paon hôtel restaurant


venue Jean Jaurè

Indian Haweli

+33 3 23 52 49 61

8 - 10 Rue Pierre Semard

Hotel des Voyageurs

+33 3 23 57 20 68

60 Rue Pierre Semard