Laon to Cormicy, 38.8 km

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Had the best night sleep, a hearty breakfast and I was out the door by 7:30 on a cloudy, cold, Sunday morning. A few businesses were open, including a vending machine with local produce. I helped myself to the freshest apple I've had in my life at Cheret.

I picked a red flower and stumbled into the first working water fountain on the trip. It was a good day, but it was also one of those days... I got a little rained on but nothing serious.

More war memorials.

I took a shortcut through a field before reaching Buconville. I made myself a sandwich and air-dried my clothes at the park. An old-timer invited me for a beer when everything took a turn for the worst… again!

I realized too late I’d booked the hotel in a town 110 km away and now I had no place to stay. Town after town it was more of the same — close business and hotels.

With no place to stay, I camped at a vineyard in a town 39 km from Laon.

Beauty shots compilation


Daily Cost Breakdown


€60.30 Botched Hotel

Food from supermarket supplies

Wild Camping


€60.30 Total

Today's stage broken down with the help of Google Earth.

Google Earth Overview




Hotel des Artes

11 Place des Droits de l' Homme

Hotel ibis Laon

+33 3 23 20 18 11

Avenue Georges Pompidou

Hôtel De La Banniere De France

+33 3 23 23 21 44

11 Rue Franklin Roosevelt

Robert Jean-Luc Jacques

+33 3 23 24 70 45

1 Rue Porte de Reims 02860 Bruyères-et-Montbérault


L' Auberge de Vauclair

+33 3 23 22 99 68

26 Gr Grande Rue 02860 Bouconville-Vauclair

Château de la Bové

02860 Bouconville-Vauclair


Hôtel des nations

00 33 3 23 21 33 65

48 Avenue du Général de Gaulle

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