Cormicy to Reims, 19.9 km

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With a 20 km day ahead I packed up and left at the crack of dawn. The via Francigena signs quickly led me out into the woods. Through some rough terrain up and down a hill.

I was now in Champagne territory. With no breakfast in sight, I dug into my last emergency food rations. Low on water and morale, I booked a room for two nights in Reims thanks to John Hawke’s generous donation.

I am now a full day ahead of schedule.

Once at the hotel I settle in my room, took a much-needed shower and washed my stench-ridden clothes. Tomorrow is a rest day, and it couldn’t have come fast enough.

A quick stroll around town and a visit to the cathedral and I was ready to call it a day.

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Daily Cost Breakdown


€02.00 Laundry pads

€04.00 Washer

€02.00 Dryer

€01.00 Snack

€03.60 Lunch

€02.10 Snack

€07.80 Dinner

€59.63 Hotel


€82.13 Total


Today's stage broken down with the help of Google Earth.

Google Earth Overview




La Grange aux Couleurs

+33 6 16 67 15 64

6 Rue de l'Église

C.H. le parc du château


Domaine des Grattières 0326021060


Route de Fismes

Saint Thierry

Monastere des Benedictines

Champagne Lemaire Père et Fils


8 rue du mont d'Hor


Centre international séjour


21 Chaussée Bocquaine

Maison SaintSixte


6 rue du lieutenant Herduin

Maison D'hôte Les Telliers



C.H. La Noctambulle


3 rue Brûlée

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