Ambonnay to Châlons-en-Champagne, 22.5 km

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With only tuna and peanuts last night I woke up this morning to substantial breakfast. Soon I was out and about.


Gone were the vineyards and was now in the vast agricultural fields of days past. The versa-brella has proven to be a lifesaver keeping me away from the baking sun.


At the village of Vraux I found a closed aviation museum with a collection of world war two fighter planes. it was back to the canal for the remaining of the day walking next to lines of leisure boats waiting to use the automated locks.

Once in Chalon it was a quick visit to the cathedral in search of a stamp for my credential. Found it at the tourist office. I had the best lunch at a nice mom and pop restaurant, and from now on, please, call me "le cubain".


I went to the market to resupply and then washed my clothes at the local laundromat.


Tonight I'm staying at an albergue thanks to my Australian buddy Dion Brown and his donation.

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Daily Cost Breakdown


Breakfast Included

€28.00 Lunch

€04.80 Washer

€04.50 Detergent

€02.00 Dryer

€35.46 Supermarket

€19.80 Hotel


€94.56 Total

Today's stage broken down with the help of Google Earth.

DAY 16 Ambonnay to Chalons en Champagne.

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Chambres d'hôtes chez Wolter - 03 26 68 94 75
 | 0685665364





C.H. le château de juvigny | information@chateaudejuvigny. com

2 rue Albert Barre |





Auberge Jeunesse – 0326264628

2 avenue du Général Patton | |


Camping rue de Plaisance - 0326683800 |


Gîte La Canopée - 0635444553

11 ue des martyrs de la résistance | |


C.H. la petite rêverie - 0326661156 | 0662871156

72 rue jj rousseau | |


C.H. Le pavot bleu - 0326217537

20 rue Louis Bablot |


Hôtel restaurant Le Souply - 0326681891

8 fbg st Antoine | |


Hôtel de la cité - 12 rue de la charrière |


C.H. La maison de Caroline - 0326227487

rue croix des teinturiers | |


Accueil NotreDame ou presbytère - 0326641830 | 0768724051 |