le-meix-Tiercelin to Brienne-le-Château, 31.5 km

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The Romans really knew how to draw a straight line on the sand. I walked under half a moon with half my eyelids closed until a sign in the middle of the road gave me a boost of confidence or sheer terror.


I came by a Mexican standoff between two classics and found a few more encouraging signs. What I did not see was an open bar for the second day in a row. Town after town was more of the same.


I finally made it to Brienne-le-chateau around 2 pm, a wreck, dehydrate and with half a liter of water left. I stormed into a café and gulped four litters of water and soda in one sitting. No google translate was needed.

My first choice of hotel was permanently closed, but I found a room at Hotel Les Voyageurs thanks to John Human.


I devoured my dinner; no excuses were made. Clothes and shoes were adequately washed, and I booked my next day's accommodation.

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Daily Cost Breakdown


€08.00 Snacks

€17.50 Dinner

€32.60 Hotel


€58.10 Total

Today's stage broken down with the help of Google Earth.


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Hotel Les Voyageurs

+33 3 25 92 83 61

30 Avenue Pasteur

Maison st jacques


34 rue de l'école militaire

Hôtel rest de la croix blanche


7 avenue Pasteur