Besançon to Foucherans, 26 km

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Moment of truth. The camera store opened at 10:00 am, and I was the first in the door. I got myself a canon M50 with an 18 to 150mm lens. My first mirrorless camera.

The store owner is Mexican! I spoke to the guy in Spanish for half an hour straight. Second time in the trip Mexico comes to the rescue.

I got a pilgrim stamp at the tourist office on my way out of town. And what a day it was.

First, a quick fly over the Citadelle with the drone as I trailed the canal. Followed by a crazy uphill climb to warm up the legs.

Lunch at a bakery felt like breakfast.

I saw more signs today than in all of the trip thus far. Got a proper welcomed by the villagers at Foucherans.

Dinner was leftover rations. I stayed at a house built in 1640 and got to sleep on the floor since the owner overbooked and no beds were available.

But I meet four kind Polish ladies on their first day on the trail.

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Daily Cost Breakdown


€00.00 Breakfast

€04.72 Snacks

€10.00 Hotel


€14.72 Total

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Hôtel-restaurant Le Marais

0381557064 | 4 grande rue





Gîte rural - 0381867320

16 rue de l'église |