Foucherans to Mouthier-Haute-Pierre, 25.2 km

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No breakfast was served, so I had my last two cereal bars as I left town at 7:30 am.

The woods led to the scariest of places as they usually do; a 180-meter tunnel straight out of a Hitchcock flick. No lights and bats were flying around.

Once out the well-marked path followed the river as it zigs zags its way cutting through the mountains. And what views!

Took a detour for lunch and it did not disappoint. Cold salad, pork, and pasta with a cold one to wash it all down. It hit the spot.

The river was too tempting to pass, a quick dip in cold glacier water really woke me up, but it also gave me the needed boost to keep going. It was water at a cemetery and a snack directly from the source.

Reached Mouthier around four and found the church opened. No stamp but I still went inside to get a better feel of the place. Thanks to donations I got a room and what a view. My god the best one so far, magnifique.

Laundry was a breeze, and so I left it drying at the balcony while I went out for dinner.



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Daily Cost Breakdown


€05.50 Breakfast

€17.30 Lunch

€08.60 Snacks

€15.80 Dinner

€85.00 Hotel


€132.20 Total




DAY 29 Foucherans to Mouthier-Haute-Pier






Hôtel de France - +33 3 81 60 95 29

1 Place Pezard 25930 Lods |





Hôtel Restaurant La Cascade - +33 3 81 60 95 30

4 Route Gorges de Noailles, 25920 Mouthier-Haute-Pierre, France