Gran San Bernard to Etroubles, 16 km

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After a true pilgrim breakfast, It was time to say goodbye to a dear old friend. Rudolf accompanied me to the border as he was taking a day off at the hospice.


Who says you can’t be in two places at the same time? All kidding aside I was finally in Italia at the halfway point.


I left my Camino hat on a stick facing the San Bernard statue as it was past its prime. the hat had long lost its shape and stank of sardine oil.


Everything falls under its own weight, and so they say, and I’m carrying a trolley. I took the road zigzagging down the mountain under the watchful eye of the locals.


The path is very well marked, maybe too well.

I had my first Italian lunch, and it had to be pasta… and gelato. Thanks to Mark, Rina and Kerry’s donations I settled in at a hotel in Etrouble.


Like a newbie, I erased half my pictures, and I had to download software to recover them. After three days wearing dirty clothes, it was time to cleanse myself.


One day I will not have to wash my clothes with shampoo at the sink, and I will miss it on that day.

Dinner was a feast, a marisco feast.

Daily Cost Breakdown

€00.00 Breakfast

€03.00 Snack

€15.50 Lunch

€01.90 HairGel

€21.50 Dinner

€70.00 Hotel


€111.90 Total



"Grand St Bernard"

Hospice - +41 27 787 12 36 | Col du Grand-St-Bernard |


Hotel Col Serena - +39 0165 78218

Rue des Vergers, 5 |

Hotel Beau Sejour - +39 0165 78210

Strada Nazionale Gran San Bernardo, 3

Maison Julie

+39 329 231 7800 |


Via Trottechien

11014 Étroubles AO


Affittacamere L'Abri

+39 0165 175 6808 |

Frazione Echevennoz Dessous, 11