Aosta to Châtillon, 30.1 km

One minute update


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I left at the crack of dawn on a 30km day. made my down empty streets and closed monuments as the city slowly came to life.


I found the only open café and had breakfast. There are now arrows everywhere. If it wasn’t grapevines it was apple orchards. Bumped into the two English Pilgrims one more time near the quart castle.


a beautiful aroma filled the air but not a single bar or restaurant in sight. Not to worry el Camino provided a snack.

Water was oozing from every pour in the mountains. Water everywhere. Water fountains. Irrigation canals and Agriculture Sprinklers.


It was at Torino that I had a late lunch and that’s where the weather turned.


High wind and rolling clouds chased me past abandoned villages but finally caught up with me just as I reached Châtillon.


I got a modest room at a 1-star hotel atop a restaurant with a 5 stars view. I took out some much-needed cash and it was pizza and a soda for dinner while my clothes dry.

Daily Cost Breakdown

€02.50 Breakfast

€15.50 Lunch

€04.00 Snack

€11.50 Dinner

€38.00 Hotel


€71.50 Total




Maison Colombot



Meuble Dufour

16 v. Tollein |