Châtillon to Verrès, 20.8 km

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The sun shines on those who wake up early. After a good breakfast of course.


Left the ups and downs of the via Francigena behind at Berriaz and opted to follow the canal for the rest of the day. What? My trolley agreed with me.


I stayed at a hotel by the highway. I arrived two hours too early and it was closed. I waited at the nearest pizzeria and had some lunch, some? a little, Whatever.

Verres’ main attraction is the impressive 14th-century castle sitting atop a hill overlooking the town. Once in my rood in a desolate hotel, I washed my clothes once again in the sink.


Who has swordfish at a pizzeria for dinner? This guy!

Daily Cost Breakdown

€02.30 Breakfast

€04.50 Snack

€12.50 Lunch

€21.69 Dinner

€50.50 Hotel


€91.49 Total