Verrès to Pont Saint Martin, 17.7 km

One minute update


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60% chance of rain and plenty of wind.


It’s the via route for the day on the flat valley floor flanking the highway and its network of tunnels. The terrain was mostly flat following the river by vineyards, cutting through old charming villages and medieval bridges as the clouds rolled in, cascading over the mountains.

Saw the cutest cat at Hone before the rain came in and all hell broke loose.

Raingear was on when I took a wrong turn at Forte di Bard and almost paid dearly. I climbed a boulder of a mountain in the pouring rain. Steep rocky steps, slippery as butter, tearing thorns from overgrown vegetation did a number on my poncho. The breaks on the trolley gave out and so did I, around 25% of the way up, decided to come down.

Thanks to John Stevens, Adam and Dana’s donation I stayed at hotel Ponte Romano by the famous bridge.


I bought a new Deodorant stick… trust me, I smell better now; then dried my clothes under a ceiling fan in my room.


Trout for lunch, tapas and a beer for dinner at a bar across the street.

Daily Cost Breakdown

€04.50 Snack

€25.10 Lunch

€00.80 Snack

€09.00 Deodorant

€09.00 Dinner

€65.50 Hotel


€113.90 Total