Ivrea to Santhià, 37.9 km

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Clear skies but 100% chance of a double stage with 38km on the horizon. I walked down empty cobblestone streets past the first laundromat I see in Italy on my way out of Ivrea.


Like a roman legion soldier, I marched past vineyards and sleepy villages following the bicycle trail aka the road. The first stop was by an abandoned ancient roman church to enjoy a midmorning snack.


The alps are now in my rear-view mirror and up ahead is Lago di Viverone. Unfortunately, as I made my way through town, I found no open bar or church for that matter, so I pressed on past more vineyards and eventually into a forest for some needed shade.


It was a pleasant walk on soft ground with shrubs on either side.

Lunch came in the form of an improvised ham and cheese sandwich and a beer at a bar next to the church in the festive town of Cavaglia. Sporting a beautiful castle and VF signs everywhere.


I decided to make a run for it and took a road straight to my hotel across the train station in Santhia where I said goodbye to Roberto an Italian pilgrim on his last day.


The rain came out of nowhere and ruined my plans to dry my clothes in the hotel window. Luckily for me, the hotel had the only open bar and restaurant in town.


It was a true pilgrim meal and a chat with a few new pilgrim friends.

Daily Cost Breakdown

€04.00 Snack

€07.50 Lunch

€05.00 Snack

€13.00 Dinner

€50.00 Hotel


€79.50 Total