Santhià to Vercelli, 27.9 km

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Gotta love when the hotels have elevators even if it barely fits me and the trolley.


I had breakfast at seven and was out the door at eight. Went over the train tracks and down a busy road next to flooded rice paddies and irrigation canals.

Vercelli is the rice capital of Europe. The trails were muddy, so I went for a busy road over a pathway in desperate need of repairs, full of sun-bathing lizards and frogs. The perfect breading grounds for… SNAKES!

The church at San Germano was really something else, and so was the coffee I had at the bar next to the square facing the street market.

Found a water fountain on steroids. I’ve had dogs bark at me in three different language by now.

Once at Vercelli, I walked by a laundromat at 1pm and traded lunch for clean clothes. my suntan is getting out of hand.

Thanks to Bill Parlatore’s donation I stay two nights at an apartment with a full stocked kitchen a short walk from the center of town. It was wine and a marisco feast to close the night.

Daily Cost Breakdown

€03.00 Snack

€09.50 Laundromat

€08.50 Lunch

€39.60 Hotel 


€60.60 Total

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