Rest day in Vercelli

One minute update


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Lazy, late breakfast on a 0km day but a part of me felt guilty whishing I would’ve been gaining ground on the po valley instead.


Headed straight to the local post office to send home a 5 pounds package with gear I’m no longer using. They served their purpose at one point but no longer. On my way back to the apartment I stumbled across “hospitale sancti eusebi”. a pilgrim’s ostello that I now which I would have known about.

At least I got a stamp.

I also went for a tour around the Basilica di Sant'Andrea. The church founded in 1219 and completed 8 years later for pilgrims on our way to Rome. What a great church and what a great day.


To make it even more special I bought new shoes at the local sports store.


Dinner was one of the best. Seafood pasta galore.

Daily Cost Breakdown

€03.40 Breakfast

€45.00 Post Office

€17.50 Dinner

€39.60 Hotel


€105.50 Total