Pavia to Santa Cristina, 28 km

One minute update


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Cappuccino, croissant and the first freshly squeezed orange juice of the trip. Are things lining up or what?


I left the chaos of the city for the tranquility of the countryside walking down a paved back country road completely exposed to the sun for the majority of the day.


It was not the time for horsing around, it was time for a sacrifice. Like so many shoes I’ve seen left behind along the way. It was now my turn to do the deed. I found a good spot next to a via Francigena sign and sadly on I went.


It was time to sheer up… and gain some ground.

Pasta and a beer for lunch at the only town with signs of life. The sun was kicking my friends and you could hear my roaring cries for a cold drink. There was only one thing that could quench my thirst. You guessed it, gelato.


Bumped into Dirk on my way to the donativo Ostello next to the church where I got a bed by the bell tower thanks to Richard’s donation.


Properly washed my clothes, took a much-needed shower and had a full pizza for dinner.

Daily Cost Breakdown

€05.30 Breakfast

€15.00 Lunch

€04.25 Snack

€10.75 Dinner

€20.00 Hotel


€55.30 Total