Santa Cristina to Orio Litta, 17 km

One minute update


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I left my donation and got myself a stamp before breakfast at a bar. The day started with slimy trails filled with critters of all kinds.


I saw more trains in one day than in days past. it was first a snack from the source and then a coffee with Dirk at a bar. Oddly enough we walked by a Motocross park.


Chignolo Po Castle came out of nowhere. it’s a shame it's privately own.


It was hot like yesterday but this time I came prepared. I was tempted to hitch a ride but fortunately, it was going in the wrong direction.

Orio Litta is a friendly village. Each pilgrim is welcome by the major himself. I stayed the Ostello Grancia Benedettina. Great facilities with everything you may want or need.


Laundry aside, I went out to explore. Not much to see except for the church with its imposing bell tower and a peculiar marker not far off.


It turns out I’m only 575km from Rome. Who knew.


The mayor offered a ride in his car to the only restaurant in town. Where we indulge in seafood pasta and a few bottles of wine of course.

Daily Cost Breakdown

€03.05 Breakfast

€01.00 Snack

€06.00 Lunch

€15.00 Dinner

€20.00 Hotel


€45.05 Total

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