Orio Litta to Piacenza, 21.5 km

One minute update


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Early morning rise as I had a boat to catch. I made it to the dock in the nick of time and Danilo, the ferryman, was already there waiting for me and so was Dirk and Jeannine.


I was looking forward to crossing the Po river from day one and I was now experiencing it in the flesh. What can I say, the experience was just pure bliss.


Once on the other side of the riverbank, Danilo gave us a tour of the grounds and showed us a very questionable brick with Sigeric’s footprint amongst other things.


He’s a true showman with a wonderful sense of humor.


It was a short walk to his house for an unusual pilgrim stamp and to write our names on his famous “liber peregrinrum” where he’s keeping track of every crossing since 1998 and the numbers are on the rise.

The group went their separate way, each at their own speed.


The going was mostly on a heavy traffic road, past heavy machinery and under the watchful eye of the locals. The last 4 km into Piacenza were brutally hot and on a straight road into town.


Decided to take shelter from the heat at a bar and have a bit to eat.


Thanks to Catherin’s donation I booked a room at two star hotel near the center of town.

Daily Cost Breakdown

€10.00 Boat

€03.00 Snack

€06.15 Lunch

€06.85 Snack

€35.50 Hotel


€66.50 Total