Piacenza to Fiorenzuola, 32.8 km

One minute update


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The day started on the road. A very busy road. Rush hour traffic kind of busy. But I trekked on and soon made out into the countryside and then Pontenure.


I had a snack at a bar with Dirk and his son Abel before heading into the church for a pilgrim stamp, and I got one. Things are looking good.


The day got progressively hot and my water supplies were running low. Got to a cemetery with plenty of echo but not a single drop of water.

Luckily I found a working water fountain by a virgin. It was Salad and a huge pasta for lunch which I immediately try to burn off.


I made it to Fiorenzuela just as the sun set and thanks to John and Han’s donation I stayed at a hotel.


Went out for a bite to eat and called it a night.

Daily Cost Breakdown

€05.90 Snack

€24.00 Lunch

€25.00 Dinner

€38.50 Hotel


€93.40 Total

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