Fiorenzuola to Fidenza, 22.3 km

One minute update


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I visited the cathedral on my way out of town as it was closed last night.


22 degrees and it only 8:20 in the morning. I hopped my way through the countryside down back country roads to the town of Chiaravalle where I got a quick snack at a café and visited the monastery, if only from the air and the magnificent statues that surround it.


Today is the last day walking on the Po valley as the Appenine mountains were now in the horizon. I came across a pilgrim oasis on the side of the road and at the perfect time. I had a fresh tomato while I contemplated a sign post with the distance to towns now behind me and those coming up on the journey.


Quick lunch at a bar while I contemplated where to stay tonight.

I got to the tourist office 20 minutes before it closed and no worries as there was room in the ostello next door. It was a shower and laundry in the basement. Gotta take advantage when the opportunity comes my way.


A quick visit to the cathedral and suddenly I got lost in all the artwork and religious relics stored in its basement. The remains of Saint Donnino are on full display.


The two majestic lions guarding the entrance and the beautifully decorated facade makes this one of the most memorable 12 century Romanesque cathedrals of the trip thus far.


No pasta for dinner… I know right. Had steamed vegetables and a wild bore.

Daily Cost Breakdown

€04.80 Snack

€12.00 Lunch

€02.00 Snack

€29.50 Dinner

€10.00 Hotel


€58.30 Total