Fidenza to Medesano, 22.5 km

One minute update


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I left my donation and went straight for breakfast at the corner bar waiting to hear back from the Ostello in Medesano. I started climbing as soon as the road left town on an overcast morning.


Made my way through agricultural fields on steep hills. But I wasn’t alone as I shared the road with Horses, cyclist, hunters, worn out shoes and creepy looking old timer.


It wasn’t until the town of Costamezzana that I found an open bar and what a place. It was full of pilgrim memorabilia.

I continue climbing for the remaining of the way and finally made it to the Ostello at 2pm but found out from the priest himself that it did not open until 3 pm.


I waited at the bar next door where I had a beer to cool off. Got some toothpaste at the local pharmacy and visited the church. And that’s around the time the bombs dropped in on me. The lady at the Ostello told me there was no room for me.


The only hotel in town did not open until 6pm so I head straight to a B&B recommended by the old timers in the bar. It had a for sale sign outside, but I was in luck, as they had a room for me but no breakfast.


Closed the night with a mojito for dinner just to forget my troubles.

Daily Cost Breakdown

€07.50 Breakfast

€06.35 Lunch

€05.50 Snack

€10.00 Dinner

€25.00 Hotel


€54.35 Total