Medesano to Cassio, 31.7 km

One minute update


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Early 7 am rise and a quick breakfast before trekked downhill for two hours to Fornovo. Too early for lunch I had a snacked and moved on. The path turned uphill for the remainder of the day.


I bumped into Elena, a fellow Canterbury pilgrim I met at the Gran San Bernard’s pass. We weren’t alone as, three other pilgrims, two Americans, and Jeannine from France were also making the push uphill.


Snack came in the form of fresh fruits from a pilgrim’s orchard. Coffee and Aqua frizzante at the last open bar in Sivizzano, and that’s when the unexpected happened. Elena got bitten by no less than four bees. She took it in strides and even found time to mediated by a drive river bed to help lower the swelling. I escaped untouched.

The climb got steep and scorching hot. I sweated as I have never sweated before. Luckily Cassio wasn’t too far off.


Thanks to Juliette’s donation I stayed at one of the most unique and quirky decorated dorm room on the via. Dinner was Ravioli at the only bar in town with great pilgrim company from all over the globe.

Daily Cost Breakdown

€02.50 Breakfast

€02.10 Snack

€06.00 Lunch

€16.00 Hotel


€26.60 Total