Pontremoli to Aulla, 32.9 km

One minute update


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Gate opened at 7 am after we press the button of course and it was breakfast at a gas station. Heavy traffic for a town this size but it was the first day of school.


It was walking on the road once again through sleepy towns blanketed with the fog with too familiar faces. What completely took us by surprise was an Italian lady inviting us to her home for coffee and a snack. Her playful dog kept things lively and fun.


Back on the road to one of the most pilgrim rich village in the area. We were showed the remains of an old ostello in one of the town’s less-visited back alley. Including a knights templar’s stone and a wall that’s over 900 years old.


A quick visit to the church, a couple of pictures and a selfie, and it was back to the tranquility of the… oh shit!!! I mean snake.

The path was very well marked, although ancient and lovely, it was hard on my trolley. Pizza and a soda for lunch at a supermarket’s parking lot.


We followed covered train tracks into Aulla and thanks to the Clark’s family donation I stayed at Abbazia di San Carprasio. It was a full house with 7 pilgrims.


Dinner was at an American theme restaurant with eighties rock music videos. The burger was horrible, but the music rocked.

Daily Cost Breakdown

€02.20 Breakfast

€10.70 Lunch

€04.00 Snack

€17.50 Dinner

€10.00 Ostello


€44.40 Total