Aulla to Sarzana, 16 km

One minute update


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Coffee and a chocolate croissant on a pilgrim friendly café across the Ostello at 7:30 m. The group splinter as I decided to take the road to avoid going over a hill.

The shoulder was as narrow as they come and heavy traffic due to road work. It was at a Mexican café in Ponzano that I had lunch and decided to rejoin the via Francigena for the last leg. Traded tarmac and traffic for a dirt path for canals filled with schools of fish.

I’m sharing a room with Dirk at hostel a few steps from the historic center of Sarzana. It was a quick bite for lunch and a mega gelato to apace the tooth fairy.

Before you know it, I was buying bus tickets to Lerici with Elena and Dirk.

It wasn’t long before we reached the Mediterranean Sea. You know I had to go for a dip, right? We couldn’t resist.

I had two mojitos and some dips at the marina as we waited for the sunset. Man, this is the pilgrim’s life.

Daily Cost Breakdown

€02.00 Breakfast

€05.60 Snack

€12.50 Lunch

€04.00 Bus fare

€27.00 Dinner

€30.00 Hotel


€81.10 Total