Sarzana to Marina di Massa, 23 km

One minute update


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A quick bite for breakfast close to the church on my way of town. We climbed a hill with a crazy fortress on top and it was smooth sailing from then on.


a day walking through the city, away from the countryside. Next to ever-expanding canals and lazy fish. Traded barking dogs with curious horses and a jockey practicing his form.


We sat on a bench under a tree at a park and had fried fish from a street market for lunch. The next 7km cut through industrial areas.


Marble stone seems to be a huge industry in this area. You can see the exposed stone on the mountains in the distance.

We followed on the dark sandy shores of the Mediterranean Sea for the last leg of the trip. The scenery had certainly changed. It was now sunbathing tourist and beach chairs everywhere.


We finally made it to Marina de Messa around 3 pm and thanks to Alexandra and Sherly’s donation I settled in my shared room with the boys at Hotel Roma. 


After a beer in the lobby of course. It was a full plate of delicious cold cuts and cheese for dinner with the best company.

Daily Cost Breakdown

€02.50 Snack

€05.00 Lunch

€06.00 Snack

€19.00 Dinner

€26.90 Hotel


€59.40 Total