Camaiore to Lucca, 24 km

One minute update


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Cold and foggy morning next to a cemetery with a 24 km day ahead. I packed my trolley, left ostello del Pellegrino and join a busy road on my way out of town.


I made my way through well-marked paths through beautiful nature in bamboo woods and farmers’ backyards. A steep incline up a hill really woke me up.


It was on the side of the road that we came across Giuseppe, a friendly Italian farmer, who offered us figs from his garden, gave us a big hug and wished us a buen camino.


It was 11:30 according to the sun clock in the village of Valpromaro. Time for a mid-morning snack at an 80s Brazilian-American hybrid bar full of vintage memorabilia and signs pointing me home.

We went over another hill to the village of Piazzano where we took a five-minute break by a tiny chapel and a cemetery.


Finally made it to Lucca and stop yet again for a snack. Actually, let’s call it lunch. We entered the historic city center through the main gates and thanks to Wilson and Alexandra’s donations I settle in for two nights at Misericordia di Lucca.


It was laundry at a laundromat and a night of drink after drink of all kinds. Did not like the negroño, I’m a mojito kind of guy.

Daily Cost Breakdown

€05.00 Breakfast

€08.00 Snack

€04.50 Lunch

€07.00 washer and dryer

€30.00 Dinner

€05.00 Ostello


€59.50 Total